Aircraft Technicians or also known as Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) refers to licensed qualification for doing aircraft maintenance. AMTs are inspecting and performing or supervising maintenance, alteration of aircraft as well as aircraft systems and even preventative maintenance.


In the US, for someone who has a mechanic certificate that's issued by the FAA or Federal Aviation Administration, the rules for certificate-holders and certification are detailed in Subpart Do of Part 65 of FAR or Federal Aviation Regulations. The licensed qualifications in the USA are sometimes referred to by FAA as AMT and is often referred as A&P or Airframe and Powerplant. In a number of other countries, the equivalent license to AMT is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or AME.


General requirements for eligibility for mechanic certificate in the US includes should be at least 18 and older, capability to read, understand and speak English fluently, meet the educational or experience requirement pass a set number of tests within a max of 2 years. As for the tests required, it will be a set of knowledge tests actually that are followed by a practical tests which compose of oral exam component and administered by a DME or Designated Mechanic Examiner, visit website here!


Someone who has fulfilled the needed requirements are issued a mechanic certificate with either powerplant or airframe rating or even both. It's these ratings that together account for common practice which refers to mechanics as A&Ps. But it was not until 1952, rather than Powerplant rating, Engine rating was issued thus, the abbreviation A&E might appear in older documents.


For those who are applying for mechanic certificate with single rating, either powerplant or airframe and who base their application onto their practical experience, they should demonstrate a minimum of 18 months work experience applicable to their chosen rating. Those who are applying for both of the said ratings has to meet 30 months of applicable experience.



Applicants who have attended an Aviation Maintenance School Program that's certified under Part 147, they study FAA supervised and approved curriculum. Those who are applying for mechanic certificate with single rating either airframe or powerplant, they are studying general set of subjects for 400 hours and also 750 hours of material appropriate to their chosen rating which totals of 1150 hours. The completion of such program normally requires between 18 months to 2 years. Well assuming that they had passed, that is when the time they can apply as being an aircraft maintenance technician at this website.